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The Enigma of Vitamin D in Infancy – is more better?

We have for the four years been busy with a large intervention trial VIDI (Vitamin D Intervention in Infants) in which we compare the effects of two different vitamin D substitution doses, 10 yg/d and 30 yg/d, to infants between 2 weeks and 2 years of age. Central outcome parameters are growth, bone health, frequency of infections and symptoms of allergy, and neurocognitive development. (Read more)

We originally on Kätilöopisto Hospital recruited a total of 987 infants, who have been given the doses of vitamin D in a double blind fashion. They have been followed at 1 and 2 years, the last visit in early June this year. The compliance of the families has been astonishingly good, with 831 participants staying in the project until two years of age. We are now about to open the code and harvest the results. As the vitamin D status in Finland has improved considerably during the last years along with substitution of milk products, it is probable that neither group of infants is suffering from vitamin D deficiency, but on the other hand, we have not had any case of hypervitaminosis in the trial. So, in some six months we will be able to tell whether a higher substitution with vitamin D will improve the well-being and development of infants.