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Multi-professional cooperation is the premise of the best possible health care. Cooperation promotes high-quality realization of holistic treatment and patient's experience of the treatment. (Read more)

Several disciplines are represented at the Children's Hospital (e.g. nursing science, health science, medicine, psychology, philosophy, pharmacy, nutrition). Through this cooperation, we have the opportunity to achieve a stronger profile as a multidisciplinary Children's Hospital, which is expected to directly translate into an improved treatment of pediatric patients.

At the Children's Hospital, scientific activity in nursing science is guided by the HUS nursing operation programme. My ongoing research project examines if targeted intervention(s) can be used to generate a positive influence on the patient's recovery. The research is related to a larger entity "Quality of life measurements in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of special nursing" which evaluates cost-effectiveness of treatment. Specifically, we attempt to recognize the need for emotional support of the child, adolescent, and family, and strengthen the instructional methods of nurses in encountering patients and families. The research examines the experiences of both nurses and families in several units of the Children's Hospital. One PhD student participates in the research project and another shall join the team this year.

Participation of nursing science in PRC activity is valuable and important. In addition to promoting broader utilization of treatment results, multidisciplinary research activity also enhances the broadest possible cooperation of the organisation's research activity. Multidisciplinarity opens the possibility to ponder problematic aspects across different disciplines, and, at its best, it develops comprehensive health services.


Outi Simonen, RN, PhD, Nurse Administrator