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A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet the members of a newly elected board of parents at the Children’s Hospital. The members of this board have an important client perspective to the daily activities and services provided by the Hospital, and I was therefore quite curious to know if research is visible in our Hospital and what the general attitudes toward it are. It was perhaps not a great surprise to learn that our reputation is extremely good, and the parents are confident that their children always get the best evidence-based care. (Read more)

But are we visible? No. Should we tell what our research means beyond the scientific community? Yes. 

I think that the time has come to tell what research being conducted at our Hospital means to society, the real beneficiary at large. The challenge has been received and will be addressed soon – during this fall we will open a new website, this time in Finnish, which will tell the stories behind our scientific discoveries at the Children's Hospital and bring the valuable research results closer to all.  

Stay tuned.