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Pediatric Research Center

The Pediatric Research Center currently represents almost 30 research groups carrying out clinical, translational and basic research in pediatrics in the University of Helsinki, Finland. Our mission is to promote research, to communicate the latest research results to physicians, patients and the general public, and to serve as a reference guide for researchers and companies seeking academic collaboration.  We warmly invite students and young physician-scientists to join our growing team!

Why to look for a postdoc position abroad?

After a young researcher has defended his/her thesis, a critical question is what to do next. For an MD, PhD this is in many cases related to clinical training, whether the researcher already has a clinical speciality or whether he/she should either complete or start his/her clinical training. Another option may be to continue with research in the same research group, to switch to another local research group or to start to look for a postdoc position abroad. The readiness of young Finnish researchers to go abroad for a postdoc period has definitely decreased over the last 20-30 years, although the outlook for financial support for such a step has actually increased with one exception. Previously the universities had the possibility to pay part-time salary to clinical lecturers, who went abroad for a postdoc period provided that the researcher committed to stay as a clinical lecturer for twice the time he/she spent abroad. On the other hand several foundations, including the Pediatric Research Foundation, nowadays have special funds allocated to support foreign postdoc periods. (Read more)

Connecting researchers and research

Until these days I’ve thought that ORCID is a misspelled flower. During the last few weeks I’ve however learnt what ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) in the science world means. It is a nonprofit organization devoted to “solve the name ambiguity problem in research and scholarly communications by creating an online, searchable database of unique identifiers for individual researchers and an open and transparent linking mechanism between ORCID and other current researcher ID schemes” (http://orcid.org/about/what-is-orcid/mission). Simplified said it is a researcher’s social security number. (Read more)

Pediatric Research Center is about joining forces

It is my great honor and pleasure to start this research blog of the Pediatric Research Center (PRC) at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Central Hospital. If you take a few minutes and browse through the content of these pages, you will soon realize that we are walking the same paths as our predecessors did in the fields of clinical, translational, and basic research. Although research methods have developed significantly over the years, the driving forces of research, the curiosity to find new diseases and solve their mechanisms and the will to develop the cure of infants, children, and adolescents, have all stayed the same. (Read more)