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Pediatric Research Center

The Pediatric Research Center currently represents almost 30 research groups carrying out clinical, translational and basic research in pediatrics in the University of Helsinki, Finland. Our mission is to promote research, to communicate the latest research results to physicians, patients and the general public, and to serve as a reference guide for researchers and companies seeking academic collaboration.  We warmly invite students and young physician-scientists to join our growing team!


A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet the members of a newly elected board of parents at the Children’s Hospital. The members of this board have an important client perspective to the daily activities and services provided by the Hospital, and I was therefore quite curious to know if research is visible in our Hospital and what the general attitudes toward it are. It was perhaps not a great surprise to learn that our reputation is extremely good, and the parents are confident that their children always get the best evidence-based care. (Read more)


Certain moments in life lead us to new paths. In autumn 2015 I was finally finishing my residency in pediatrics. I love my clinical work and had really enjoyed the journey. Meanwhile my husband had specialized in anesthesia, the family had grown, we had built a house, struggled with weekly on-calls - the usual business many of us junior physician couples go through. (Read more)

Postdoctoral research during pediatric residency

I have just entered a 2.5-month research period in the midst of my pediatric residency. During this time, excluding a few night shifts on call, I will be able to concentrate 100% on research. As my current research involves cell culture experiments, I would not be able to do it without these lengthy breaks from clinical work. (Read more)

Research – sine qua non of international children’s hospitals

I just returned from Shanghai where I attended a seminar for children's hospital executives. We discussed our work focusing on how to adapt to the ever increasing pace of change in healthcare. Our host was the chief of Fudan University Children’s Hospital, a brand new remarkable campus for the benefit of Chinese children and, evidently, a new source of China’s national pride. (Read more)

PhD – the "driver’s license" to world of research

After beginning my residency in pediatrics at the Children’s hospital I got fascinated about all the research projects going around. I wanted to learn to do research myself and started considering a PhD degree – the "driver’s license" to research world. I remember the first time I discussed with my future supervisor. He was talking about his previous studies and the future research plans. Although I was quite bewildered, I was fascinated and I knew I wanted to take a trip to the interesting world of science and research. (Read more)